Friday, September 16, 2011

10 Questions for The Rachel Zoe Project


1. Why do they have so many meetings about Rachel without her there?

2. Do you think Jeremiah will last?

3. Seriously where is Rachel? Is the perpetual sweating keeping her off camera?

4. Gilver? Is that a thing? Pretty sure that’s not a thing, Mandana.

5. Is Jeremiah kind of winning you over with his earnestness?

6. Why is Rodger on a date at the Mercer with Joey? Are Rachel, Rodger and Joey in a polyamorous relationship?

7. How amazing was it when Jeremiah and Joey were wearing exactly the same outfit? They are like mirror images of each other with their big hair and J names.

8. How incredibly sweet is Joe Zee’s gift to Rachel and Rodger?

9. How much money do you think they spent at Bonpoint?

10. Is Mandana basically Taylor Jacobson (speaking of–what’s she up to)?

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