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Tico “The Haitian Sensation” Part 2

Photo By Jerris Madison Obvious Magazine

Tico Armand “The Haitian Sensation”
By Celebrity Photographer Calvin Evans

Q: Being that you are of Haitian decent and given the recent tragedies in Haiti please inform us of your views on the culture as a whole and how these tragic situations have effected you directly or indirectly.

A: I will try not to get teary when it comes to Haiti and I think one of the main reasons for that is because I feel useless. When that tragedy took place in January a sense of hopelessness took a hold of me because I needed to be there helping picking up dead bodies under rumbles and searching for who may still be alive. I think that the country is in such a bad state that the focus should not be voting someone. All should be geared towards building a better and stronger Haiti instead of allowing these “politricks” use the country for their personal wealth.

I would like everyone to understand that anything that happens in Haiti is always and will always be a direct effect towards me because first and foremost it’s home and second I have many family members still leaving at home. The beginning of the year was extremely fragile and hard for me as I had a dying grandmother of breast cancer suffering in Haiti. Sigh, not to get all biblical but the word of God states “weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning!”

Q: What are some of the set backs that you have had to deal with in being a model. And not your typical model at that… Often times people judge models by pretty pictures and a pretty faces and make the assumption that “oh she is a model life is great” what is your take on that?

A: Being in an industry where they idolized the tall, skinny 98 pound model it makes it ten times harder to break through and that is the very reason why I have stopped. To me modeling is more so an attitude then the physical attribute. What others see as my setback I see as my strength to break in and bring about a new and refined thought process. I am tall, with a slender upper body accompanied by a well proportion lower frame. Many choose not to embrace my physic but it’s also apparent that these people are not in tune with reality. Reality is that most women are curvy and doesn’t weigh 98 pounds and the size 0 and 2 dresses these designers are creating will stay right there in their studio and never sell. There are many others that consider my physical attributes to be that of a video vixen and not that I have anything against the young ladies that do videos however I have a bigger vision and I refuse to be labeled as such because that is not my line of work. Not to say that I won’t do a music video, I know that I would but it must tell a story it must a song of substance where my beauty can shine even while fully clothed.

I shake my head at people that feel as models we are living the good life. This world is so competitive and as a model many sacrifices are made to try and maintain. When I’m a house hold name and I’m on billboard you can ask me that question again Cal, lol.

Q: There is a little girl growing up just like you in Haiti right now who desires to do everything you are doing at this exact moment. What words of wisdom would you give her?

A: I would tell that little girl to put God first, hold on to that desire as if her life depended on it and never be afraid to let her uniqueness shine.

Q: So we all know industry relationships can be hard due to a human race filled with serious insecurity issues. Can you tell us of a time when you were dating that a person’s insecurity became a problem because of your career as a model.

A: When one choose to create for the world you are also leaving an open window for people to judge you sometimes so harshly they forget you as well are human being with feelings. It happens a lot to models where we are judged as if we have no insecurities. We all have insecurities the only difference is some know how to disguise it better then others. With that said, yes it is extremely difficult to be in a relationship especially when that person doesn’t understand your line of work. Asking question on why your nipple is showing in an image or why they can’t accompany you to a shoot, completely forgetting that is how they met you. Guys are intimidated by my appearance let alone getting into a relationship with such an independent woman. As a woman, I know when to back down and allow a man to enjoy the pleasures of being a man however you must be a strong man to handle Tico. Oh gosh….next question! J

Q: If you could do a shoot with any model right now who would it be? Please explain to us why you made this choice.

A: Woooooooooooooooooow, I can write a ten page essay on this question alone. If I could do a shoot with any model right now it would be none other then Naomi Campbell. She is a beast on the runway and in front of the camera. She understands and knows her power behind the lens and she makes you feel it in every image. Every image tells a story, every look is refreshing and she leaves everyone thirsting for more.

Q: Mrs. Armand thank you so much for your time I have truly enjoyed interviewing you. Please tell us where we can find more work of you and images for all future and potential photo shoot bookings clients.

A: The pleasure was truly all mines. Website is currently in the works as I also search for a new agency to call home. However for now you can find me on Twitter, Model Mayhem and Facebook. Also please become a fan of my nonprofit organization Models for Afrika as there is so much in store and it may take some time however I promise it will all be worth it. Once again I would like to give a big bisous to photographer Calvin Evans and his innovative blog. Thank you so very much and see you at the top. ~Tico


Tico Armand Ladies & Gentlemen there you have it Exclusive Interview with the Haitian Sensation herself be blessed and be sure to stay tuned in for the next features story of greatness & legacy in the world of fashion & photography


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