Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elite Model Management

Modeling is so much more that taking oiled up pictures and doing test shoots on rail road tracks. In my travels back and forth to New York and other cities such as L.A. and Chicago I have realized that Atlanta is some what behind in the fashion industry because of all of the video vixen's that claim to be models. Not saying it's anything wrong with being a video model if that is what you desire to do. But at the end of the day a model has to be very careful about how they brand themselves because if you become known for something that is all you will be casted for. To me modeling is a art filled sea of talented models ready to be published, ready to tell a story and provoke the most extreme moods. In America advertising is everything. Advertising makes you purchase clothes and go shopping, it makes you hungry, it turns you on, it changes your thoughts, and shapes your perspective. How powerful is that. So to all the models out there the next time you do a shoot ask yourself how is this shoot going to brand my image to market me to the industry I desire to join.

Hope You Enjoy The Video
Photographer Calvin Evans

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